Situated at the confluence of the Vienne and Goire rivers, a 15 minute drive takes you to the medieval town of Confolens. With its fortified stone bridge dating from the 13th century,  beautiful half-timbered houses and numerous private mansions sit along the River Vienne, and its Saint-Maxime church with a Gothic bell tower, Confolens is worth a visit. Tea shops and craft shops are perfect for passing a very pleasant afternoon. 

The famous Confolens International Folklore Festival, which takes place every year in August, is an event dedicated to the popular arts and traditions in the world. 

A short drive along the river takes you to St Germain de Confolens, a small village located at the confluence of the Vienne and Issoire rivers . The village stands below a hill that is dominated by the castle ruins and the 12th century Church of Saint-Vincent.

Explore the ruins, and then sit with a cool drink in the cafe by the river.