Most famous for its porcelain, there are some very fine buildings to visit in Limoges, not least of which is the large gothic style Cathedral of Saint-Etienne.

Next to the cathedral are the Bishop's Gardens which are large formal gardens with lawns and ponds that lead to a viewpoint over much of Limoges. Allow some time to wander through the Limoges botanical gardens, then continue to the section of the town along the Vienne River which is a pleasant place to escape from the crowds. Here you can also admire the 13th century stone bridge across the river.

Rue de la Boucherie is a charming area with half-timber buildings and interesting shops: number 36 can be visited and still has its original furniture.

There are a few museums including The National Porcelain Museum  and the the Museum of the Resistance (perhaps to visit before or after a visit to nearby Oradour-sur-Glane).

There are various markets every morning from Tuesday to Sunday, plus a few 'speciality' markets throughout the year.